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pogo sweet tooth game cheat

To try Toothbrush for free, click here.

Toothbrush will play Sweet Tooth(TM) for you on pogo.com. Get the pogo sweet tooth game up first and then run Toothbrush for it to play your sweet tooth online game. Toothbrush is a cheat for sweet tooth.

*** 07/31/13 update*** Toothbrush 5.9 is working for the new embedded style. Delete any previous version you have and make sure you are running 5.9

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Toothbrush 5.9 has been released!
 • If you bought the old CandyCannibal, this is a free upgrade for you. Email me your receipt and your new Toothbrush code.
 • Handily plays on level 3 and wins very quickly.
 • Plays the winter and halloween game setting.

To put it simply, Toothbrush will play your Sweet Tooth™ game for you on pogo.  This program is not a game itself, you have to have a free Sweet Tooth™ game going first.  As for all of our software, you will need to run your online game and our file at the same time.  Our Toothbrush executable will take over from there and pound down the candy, clearing them out and cleaning up the tokens.

Quick and easy download.
After you follow the directions at the Downloads section of this web page, you should have successfully stored a copy of our file on to your computer's hard drive.  We tried to make the instructions there as simple as possible.

Get your Sweet Tooth™ game going first and then download Toothbrush and run it. It will look like this:
sweet tooth game cheat

Toothbrush will take over.  You can start a completely fresh game, or have Toothbrush start right in the middle.  Then feel free to take a nap or head off to work.  We will play your candy flipping games for you, over and over until you return. There is a chat feature in Toothbrush where you just click Chat and type in what you want to say and then click Send. Toothbrush is a pogo sweet tooth cheat.

It is truly that simple.  Just get your free Sweet Tooth™ game going like you normally do, and run our file as well.


If your Toothbrush is not working correctly here are some tips:
 • Make sure the game window is fully loaded before running Toothbrush.
 • We recommend a vertical screen resolution of at least 900 or 1400x1050, or 1650x900
 • Turn the screen saver off.
 • Leave the computer alone and let it play!

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