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pogo sudoku puzzle blast cheat

To try SudokuBlaster for free, click here.
SudokuBlaster will play Sudoku Puzzle Blast for you on Pogo.com. SudokuBlaster is a Sudoku Puzzle Blast cheat for the Sudoku Puzzle Blast game on Pogo.com

08/05/13 UPDATE Version 1.9 has been released. Let us know if you have any problems. The agent will now attach to the embedded game and play through the Play Again screen. Please use Chrome browser

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SudokuBlaster plays Sudoku Puzzle Blast game for you.
SudokuBlaster is a Sudoku Puzzle Blast cheat. It is the best sudoku puzzle blast cheat you can buy. It blows away the competition. While other sites just do the bare minimum, SudokuBlaster will twist and turn to give you the edge. While other sites make excuses about not making rotation or "make sure you keep your mouse exactly in this spot" we just kick ass and leave the excuses to the excuse makers.

Sudoku Puzzle Blast cheat
It is a very quick and easy program to use. Just get your sudoku puzzle blast game up on the screen, and make sure it is completely visible. Run our SudokuBlaster.exe file that you downloaded, and you are finished. SudokuBlaster takes over from there. Follow the download directions at our downloads page. Once you have completed the download, run the SudokuBlaster.exe file that you saved. If you had chosen the Desktop as the saved directory, then you should see the file there on your desktop.
sudoku puzzle blast cheat

You are now ready to let the Badgehelp team do it for you.

The Sudoku Puzzle Blast cheat is now ready
Go back to playing your favorite game and let us run your sudoku puzzle blast game. Don't feel like dealing with numbers? Let us crunch and twist the numbers for you baby...  

If your SudokuBlaster is not working correctly here are some tips:
 • Make sure the game window is fully loaded before running SudokuBlaster.
 • We recommend a vertical screen resolution of at least 900 or 1400x1050, or 1650x900
 • Turn the screen saver off.

Leave your thoughts
Lisa 2009-06-24 06:25:36
This thing rocks! Great job guys.
Kenzie 2010-03-27 18:53:41
Play the game in expert and rank up superfast with this agent. It is unreal! Great for getting massive amounts of tokens, too. LOVE IT.
Ed 2010-07-02 20:58:55
I had the Gold Digger Badge in a badge album and this auto plowed through it in about 10-12 minutes. Probably can rank up quickly, wish there were more total badges for this game.
Ed 2010-07-28 12:21:20
This auto was awesome winning this week's badge (5x bonus three times). Keep in mind the bonus is a random event (leave it to Pogo to make it such a pain in the *ss) so just let the auto play till you get it. I had it playing on "hard" which gives you 15 pieces per round towards ranks and it plays sooooooo fast. What else could you want?
Ed 2010-07-28 12:34:53
P.S. I cranked the auto up in difficulty because I'd like to get a few more rank badges for this game. It works GREAT in the Master setting, which gives you 19 pieces per round toward rank progress!!! The higher setting(s) take a long time for the auto to calculate, so I'd recommend Master as the best setting for fastest ranking.
Dusty 2010-09-22 17:30:22
GREAT .... So is there any advantage in getting 3 5Xs in a row, like i heard some players say?
Dusty 2010-09-22 17:38:37
Another silly question, is can a player view the "highest so far" score in Soduko game?
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To try SudokuBlaster for free, click here.

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