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Pogo cheat badge help page

This page will be a customers testimonial page where you can submit how your experience was with BadgeHelp about pogo cheats, pogo games, pogo chat or talk about anything you like. If you have pogo cheat testimonies or anything you would like to submit to this page EMAIL ME HERE and I will review it and then put it on this page after it is approved. Bookmark and Share

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As a long time Badgehelp customer, i can truthfully say that first of all they are the best, the easiest to use, and the fastest way to beat your game.Why play through 50 ranks of painful games when you can just pop on an auto and set it and forget it!

.........bobby.................from pc

You just made my day !!   I sent in for a new code for one of my games and within the hour I am up and running. You guys totally rock. Thanks so much for everything

......... Tara ..........  from  PC

Love the Pogo cheats.  Helps get through badges for the games I HATE with ease!!   My only "complaint" so far is with the Hearts cheat.  I have to keep an eye on it to start a new game each time.  I set my table to private to play with bots, but I have to click new game after each game.....so my suggestion is to fix that so that the cheat recognizes the "Start game" button and will keep going. Thanks!


I agree fully with bobby i could`nt have said it better myself..all i can add is i love bh ..bh has takin a lot of pogo stress out of my life..thank you so much keep up the great work.

...........  Mama

I wanted to say that i love badgehelp and all the totally awsome people that make it all possible i not good at most pogo games but i do try each game to see what i am capable of doing before downloading a game pogo cheats is also very awsome too i met alot of friends there just hope one day we can play in pogo together.

Badgehelp and pogo cheats keep up the good hard work i do have one suggestion for badgehelp for those on the bought them all club when they buy their helpers after that for 5 dollars a piece i think that game or games should be added to that persons pannel so that everything is in one place and won't have to go searching through emails to find code again thanks again

.......... pugsly from PC

Someone 'whispered' the words "badgehelp.com" to me on Pogo when I was doing a grueling Weekly Challenge and wasn't getting very far. I was near tears with frustration and exhausted from lack of sleep trying to get the challenge done. One day later, I had my Weekly Challenges AND the entire group of Premium Albums FINISHED!!!
BadgeHelp auto cheat programs for Club Pogo games have changed my Pogo experience into pure FUN!! After purchasing several separate Helper agents for $10 each , I decided that it made more sense for a Badge Addict like me to purchase the $150 Package, which buys over 40 separate game auto programs with new game autos being only $5 each. You can't beat Badgehelp's product quality.
The day Wonderland Memories was released, there was a fantastic auto cheat program for it. Same with Pogo Bowling and Lost Temple Poker. These guys are on top of the GAME, literally. The very best part of BadgeHelp is not the 200+ Club Pogo badges I have won since joining a few MONTHS  ago, or the 10,000,000+ tokens either, but the great support tech. guys who are always happy to help.

............ Just call me " A Happy Winner"

Hi guys, your programs are the best around I think they even work better than posted by some people I have seen !!! I find really no glitches and get our badges very fast so we have time to do other things.
Keep up the great helpers and the wonderful support. You also offer where you can really get an answer to a question in seconds after it is posted at the tech support page its great when everybody helps each other not just getting answers from the develpors but from the people that use the helpers to get the badges

................thank you again orion42

Hi all i can say is that i have been a long customer with badge help and i think they are are great bunch of hard workers and very helpful with any problems we may have, but the best is they are there for you i have always got my codes very fast and they are very good on the replies. I will alway be thankful to them. Thank you some much badge help you have done alot for people and then some again thanks

nightperson.........from PC

Hi, i have truly enjoyed the pogo cheat programs i have bought so far and i intend to purchase more in the following months. i have followed the instructions for changing the settings but find that pocket aces does not seem to work properly, it will bet and raise on nothing then it will fold on winning hands any suggestions . on turbo 21 i do not get all tokens is that a java problem? do i need to update my java and if so how do i do that? thank you


I have bought over 12 autos now and they are great only one i have a problem with is pop phooey which gets stuck on the later levels with gates. But all the autos have helped me win badges including the 36 chain badge x 3 and both badges in texas poker   ..keep up the good work


I want to tell you how great I think Joshua is.He is truly great at what he does, most of his games run perfect.


I Love to get those badges and love to whisper in the chats " go to Badgehelp download their cheats. Let the auto  do the bitching for ya and enjoy your time doing other things " If you get an auto that doesn't work 100 % , make BH aware of it and then play a game with a auto that does work 100 % . Never fear BH is here to help us. Keep up the good work BH

..................Yea Pogo

Shout out to the following Badgehelp staff:

To Joshua- THANK YOU so much for working with auto users to make Pop Phooey ( the Pop Fu auto program) and Red Baron ( the Aces Up! auto program) work even better. You are awesome with your ability to take our screen shots and analyze the data. Pop Fu is just plain PAINFUL in the upper ranks and without the auto, the one badge isn't worth the hassle. Even when Pogo changes things up on the games, you have a fix in no time. I love it!
To Oscar and Joshua and the people behind the scenes: How do you anticipate our " WANT IT, GOT TO HAVE IT NOW" factor so well?
Dice City Roller was introduced today for the very first time and not only do you already have an auto which is winning games with high scores and advancing in rank quickly without ANY glitches at all, but you even have it on the automatic password panel for the '150 buys them all' players like me.
It is incredible to pay $5 as a 150 member and already have 2 badges in a brand new game the day it is released. You did it with the Turbo 21 makeover, and you did it in most excellent fashion with this brand new game. I have 2 Pogo accounts, and played Dice City Roller by hand while the auto played in the same room on my other computer and other account. Your auto beat my playing skill every game except one, and that one loss was due to an uncontrollable variable with the roll of the dice.
I wish this didn't have to be a secret. I wish all of the Pogo community who wants to have full badge albums could freely discuss this site and the tremendous Pogo auto programs you create. I am totally in awe of you once again with these latest two helper Agents. To paraphrase Fleetwood Mac, " You make playing fun".
...............Hugs from a longstanding member of the Pogo community

I LOVE MY POGO CHEATS. i have thems all. have a little trouble with bloop and shuffle bump wining thew game but they are working. good work everyone. maybe they will be able to up datre thems both soon.  waiting for more of there good work, turbo work wonder.


I just have to say..You are wonderful, and have helped me so much.! Your a real buddy to me and aways will be, And you are honest! God Bless! Delighted to be member of 150 club, and think everyone should have it....xxxx


Due to being 75% blind I dont get to play alot of Pogo games, But then I discovered Badgehelp !  Now I am able to do all the challanges with yalls Help . Thanks for great programs to help folks like me enjoy Pogo. You guys are great. And your customer service response time is AWESOME .


Thanks to you I haven't missed a single badge since pogo started Club pogo. I got so addicted I was staying up for several days without sleep to get badges. With your programs I get all the badges (Including the games I dislike intently) and I get a full nights sleep too. I have won several badges more than once because I love the games so much.

...................Becky from Washington

I love the pogo cheats they have been such a big help on games that I hate such as Word Whomp and WW Whackdown. I never have been good with games and I have gotten all the badges thanks to your site. But I was wondering you have done such a good job of making cheats for the pogo games have you thought of trying to make some for the pogo to go games cause they can make a lot of tokens and could be a big help also.. Thanks for your time and your programs...


You guys are the best!!! Not only did I order a cheat on badge day, but accidentally sent the wrong registration code. I received an email within 15 minutes asking me to resubmit my code, and within 10 minutes of doing this - the helper was up and running. Hands-down best customer service, support and product out there!

...................PunkInDrublic from PC

I would like to take a moment  more of your time and thank you for the hard work from everyone that makes BadgeHelp run.  For people like my son, (he is a quadriplegic)  the site is wonderful, as there are many badges he would never be able to earn without your help. Feel free to use this as a quote from a VERY satisfied customer.

...................Ellen for my son, Aaron

All I will say is without badgehelp I was truly stuck 100% but since turning to badgehelp for help on pogo I have never looked back - your programs are amazing - the quality and service I get since buying all for 150$ is money well worth being spent and I just wanna say thank you to all who work on making life much easier for me on pogo. Its  more fun and I don't have to worry any more if I cant do a badge I just put a cheat on go to sleep and when I awake its done - thanks all you are truly awesome

...................Anonymous, lol

Hey B/Helpers... I want to tell you that all your programs Rock! I also want to tell you that JP from your staff is Excellent.. when I have a problem He's right there to help.. and Joshua Great job.. Oscar I have 3 150 packages for all 3 computer.. we go bk a long time.. Your Staff is fantastic.. your Cheats let me sleep and know Im getting progress. so a Shout for your staff that’s not really known to us.. and a Special ty to JP.. He Rocks.. he is always there.. ty Oscar, Joshua, @ JP.. 1 more thing even though Its new.. the New Cheat Spellbook  Rocks.. Im at level 20 already and just started yesterday!! tyasvm for all you do.. And THANKS for the 150 code sheets.. WOW!!! Those rule.. ya get your p/w in like 2 secs thx again!

...................Debra.. BC Canada!!!!  PSS for those who are new I've been w/ Oscar for going on four years.. B/H  stands behind all there product! thanks again

I have like 8 autos and recently I got the Whompage auto, I gotta say, that to go auto is super great, I've made over 4,000,000 tokens in a week just by letting it play when i go to sleep, EXCELLENT JOB!!!


I just wanted to let you all know I thank you so much for all the help you have given me since i got the the 2-150.00 packs from you.  A friend of mine is having some personal problem and she want to get a print out of all the badges.  Sort of a thorpy or something, it is up to her.  She is printing them and if it helps easy her mind the it is good.  I got a 7 day pass from pogo and set up a number of accounts with it and have been going hog wild trying to get as many as i can done.  I thank you for doing such a great job with the cheats and I thank you for the help you give, the extremely fast help you give when i need a code that is not on the big sheet.  You people are great.  Keep up the fantastic work.


Dear Oscar, Joshua and all Badgehelp crew,

Just want to Thank You all for your hard work on all your agents but especially Freecell. I just completed this game and I must say this is the worst game I ever played and I have completed them all. Thank you all for your hard work and just wanted to let you all know I appreciate all your hard work.

...................Sharon (2/23/07)

I just wanted to say great job to all of you at badge help!  I love your sight and use all the programs .  I only have had trouble with yuiop since I got a new computer and it has windows vista premium on it and it will not click the use computer button or start game button.  I feel this will be resolved as more people get new computers with windows vista on them as I do miss letting it run while I am sleeping and waking up to large amounts of tokens!  Everything is works great!!  Thanks again for a job well done!

...................Brenda (3/12/07)

BadgeHelpers, For three years I work hard just to keep up with the weekly badges getting no where with ranks, last year a friend told me about BadgerHelpers, Now with the great things you guys are doing with badge cheaters to help people win on Pogo, I can go to higher ranks and get more badges. First I bought a few, soon I found out was bettter to buy them all. I would tell everyone to buy all.
Keep up the good work, Your faithful friend

...................Linda (3/15/07)

Just a quick note to let you know I love your programs. I've bought some from "the other guy" and was unaware that it expired after one year.
Your badge help is the bestest...!!!

...................Sandy (3/17/07)

This is a great site, thank you. Word craft is another game to make great tokens and too go up in ranks fast....i made about 25,000 in about a hour depends on bonus round....
Keep up the good work

...................KyGold (3/27/07)

I'm 82 years and live with my 60 year old son. He got me to playing Pogo games which I really enjoy. Badgehelp has helped me enjoy it more. More than that at 82 I'm not as quick mentally as I used to be, but the people at Badgehelp have been very kind in helping me thru the process. A really "BIG" thank you for a really "GOOD" job.

...................John (3/29/07)

Thankyou, thankyou,  got a perfect game in pogo bowl using only shot 6!!!!!!!!!!....wtg badgehelp, please sign me

...................A Devoted Fan (5/26/07)

Oscar, had to take a minute to thank you & all at badgehelp for helping me w/the autos! Thank you
all for great fast responses & taking your time, patience & understanding in helping someone like
myself since still newbie w/computer even after 2 yrs!! The auto for TriPeaks Solitaire is on
(thank you so much)& up & running. I thank you for making a customer like myself feel
confident, comfortable w/your fast PERSONABLE responses & that's hard to find in our world today.

I would love to purchase all for $150.00 but can't afford right now plus I do some
challenges/games myself w/out autos to learn & challenge myself & learn new games & ways to play
by watching your autos plus learning at same time so you're really helping pogo w/customers like
myself & they don't take that into consideration!! I tell all I come in contact w/about your site
so been spreading the good word of your company to many & will continue.

Again, I would like to ask you & all for any prayers for James Farmer (plus all others in our
world ) as he was very recently diagnosed w/4th stage lung cancer & he needs miracle along w/so many
& would be greatly appreciated...thank you again for all your help as I'll never forget it...Take
care, have a great week & may God richly bless you and yours...Your customer & friend...

...................Loretta (6/13/07)

I have had badgehelp for quite sometime now and as with any other program there is bound to be a glitch or two.  But unlike some other programs I donít wait hours or days to get help with the problem.  It is resolved promptly.  In fact I liked the programs I tried so much I immediately purchased them all for 150.00.  I was so satisfied with that purchase I then purchased them for my grandson,  Now after sharing it with my grandson, my granddaughter wants her own panel.  WTG.  It is the best I have seen so far and I did try others before making my purchase.

...................Sastisfied in NC (7/12/07)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I didn't think I would EVER get the pogo rainy day solitaire, 18 wins on difficult. but, thanks to your cheat, I got it!!!  lol, it's just like the commercial, all you have to do, is "set it, and forget it"!!!  thanks again!  your software is incredible!!

...................qb (7/16/07)


...................C (7/27/07)

Thank you for your help. I was able to get the program registered and it is working fine. I appreciate all of your help and I am sorry to have bothered you. Keep up the excellent work. Y'all do an awesome job. I've bought many of your programs and I've always received excellent customer service in a timely manner. Again, thank you for all that you do.

...................Arthur M (7/29/07)

Badge Help is terrific.
I have been a member of pogo for several years and there are some games I do want the badges for but just do not enjoy playing them. Because of health reasons, some actually make me dizzy, so the badge help is a real blessing for getting my badges and tokens. I have even opened a second account, and i have friends that I have helped with their badges. Without my extra little "helper" I would not have been able to do this.
Thanks a million.....staff at badge help.com.

...................Crims (09/23/07)

I just wanted to let ya'll know that I think you are doing a great job. The website has improved tremendously over the years and you've always been great on customer service.

Just wanted to say thanks!!

Keep it up!

...................Margaret (10/14/07)

Hi Oscar
I work with the the developmentally disabled...your bots are of tremendous help to the ones that are physically challenged.
Thanks so much

...................Deb (11/01/07)

Great job you guys! I belong to the $150 Club and I have not regretted it. Your programs have been a great help to me and you have been patient and very helpful. I am not very computer savvy so I appreciate being able to ask questions and get quick answers. I liked the BH programs so much that my sister has started buying them now. I still have a few that I have trouble with, but haven't even used them all yet. You are awesome. Thanks.

...................K (11/27/07)

Just a note to let you know you have a great site for us pogo players.All your programs work with no problems.Your customer support has been outstanding. Your pogo agent programs are good for those of us who lack the skills or just don't have the time to play all the time. I have bought at least 8 or more programs from your site. I have told my friends and relatives and they too have bought agents. Keep up the good work.

...................A loyal customer (12/24/07)

Thank you so much for your very cool programs. I would have never thought that I would ever use anything like this, but I'm so hopelessly hooked on earning those dang badges, that $10 is a steal for these wonderous programs!
Thanks so much

...................L (03/14/08)

I have purchased my 3rd 150.00 page and I needed help so that I could move my pages to the computers I wanted to have them on. I emailed Badgehelp so that I could have my pages cleared and in no time what so ever this was done. Talk about the best customer service you could find. No question, no hesitation it was done. Anytime I get a new cheat and need it added to my page, I don't even wait a hour and it is added and I can play. Sure from time to time there is a minor problem with a cheat, however it is up to us to let Badgehelp know. Once they know, it is like magic and the cheat is back to working and most of the time better then it was working before. Keep in mind it is us user that need to let them know, because I know that once they know of any problems they fix them. These guys are the best and then deserve every penny they make. Keep up the Great Work you are a life saver when it comes to pogo's boring long games.

...................David (04/29/08)


...................C.S.B (05/15/08)

I just wanted to compliment you on the fine job your do with the BadgeHelp site. It must be extremely difficult for you having to deal with all of the complaints about certain programs not working correctly. People should realize several things, first is that you only charge around $10.00 for the cheats, second is that you always have new games coming out, third you have lots of games to work with, fourth you have a long list of games on your site, fifth Pogo is always screwing around with their games which makes you have to make changes and finally you have hundreds if not thousands of people using your cheat programs. It seems at times that everyone wants you to only pay attention to their problems and forget everyone else. Keep up the good work. I look forward to buying more of your programs.

...................Frank (08/06/08)

BadgeHelp is the best support on the internet today! You can add my testimonial that the "150 buys them all" deal is a BARGAIN! Best wishes for continued success.

...................Pat T (09/03/08)

I would like to buy FreeParking and add to my 150 page. Thank you! BTW..thanks for the new tool bar!  It IS awesome!!!!

...................Jas (02/15/09)

i just bought word whomp and omg i just gained like 2,000 tokens in just the free trial and my password just got here OMG FAST!!! u guys are AMAZING!!! i think i should just buy all of them becuase im always working..and i love to get tokens for the prizes.. GOOD JOB MAN
and i just wantted to say thank you yet again!! GREAT SERVICE

...................RG (04/22/09)

This message is to all of you at BH. I'm a very devoted Pogo club member for 6 years with 3 accounts.I was buying the programs from several sites but when I started with BH I was hooked. The service is top notch . I wish you continued success and with your product, and with the customer service that you provide, you'll have no problem achieving that. I received my $150 package as my birthday gift from my hubby. All the wonderful help I received from you all with getting up and running was unbeatable. All of my problems was taken care of in a very timely manner and I was treated with the upmost understanding and patience. I spread the word about your site and all my friends are just as happy as I am.I would like to give my "SPECIAL" thanks to Oscar & Joe.

...................HubaHuba1944 (08/11/09)





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