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Pogo Bowl Cheat Backspin is the best Cheat out there! We are there for you when you need to get a GOOD score and Win more Strikes. This cheat is for use on the Pogo.com Bowling game. Run your Pogo Bowl game and use the Pogo Bowl Auto Cheat Program Backspin to help you win! It is FREE to try for a few Pogo bowl games, once it runs out, you have to register it if you want to keep it. Once you have registered it then it is yours to keep and use anytime you like. Badgehelp offers the most Cheats to use for Pogo.com games. Try out all our Cheats for online games for Pogo.com and see for yourself. We also have a Cheat for Way To Go Bowling on pogo called ProBowler

04/13/2014 *** Backspin 6.2 has been updated to throw those strikes and pick up the spares again and again. Backspin loves Chrome or Firefox. Just make sure to first load the game and then run backspin and get ready to BOWL!

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Version 6.2 version is here!
 • Seems to run rather smoothly.

Download it (preferably to your desktop).
Double click on it and open 'er up. You are just about ready to fly. It will look like this:
pogo bowl cheat

Get your game up and let 'er rip. Backspin will take over. You just go and relax. Leave the bowling to us. Tired of waiting forever between bowling frames? Run Backspin and forget about it!

Pogo Bowl strike tips advice

Want to customize it to try to get strikes everytime? People email us daily asking "How do you get a strike in pogo bowl?" Need pogo bowl strike tips help? Click the SETTINGS option as shown below IF YOU HAVE FAST CONNECTION SPEED:
free pogo bowl cheat

Custom Shot 1 & 2. Backspin comes with 6 pre-canned shots, and the ability to select up to two "Custom Shots" that you can configure yourself. If you want to use any combination of these shots, or just one, you can, simply check the checkbox next to the shot you want to enable. For custom shots you can set them up to act just how you want, and customize them for your particular computer and other things. It might be possible to get a strike every time if you have a good computer and you can fine tune the shots correctly.

What's the best setting to get the most pogo bowl strikes? If you have recommendations on how to make more strikes, please email us. A certain kick ass member of POGOCHEATS.NET has recommended This custom shot. Here is the screenshot she provided on the best pogo cheat forum out there:

Click SETTINGS slide the WAIT and SPIN bar all the way to the right. Shot Strength is all the way to the left. Change the Shoot From and Aim Toward just the way you see it. Here is proof of a 300 game played by BackSpin. You may want to take notice of the exact setting used by this person: http://img223.imageshack.us/my.php?image=300pogobowlgu3.jpg

04/13/14 UPDATE. Just got a report a customer uses this configuration to get perfect games:

shoot from 416
aim toward 260
shot strength 171
wait 2446
spin 6000

08/12/10 UPDATE. Just got a report that custom shot 412,412,260,62,2446,5762 is a great setting. Try it and tell us how it works for you.

11/04/10 From a customer: I got my first 300 game! my custom shot is Maybe a logrythm got be discovered? Thanks. It was a challenge to customize my shot. 20 games, 180 strikes, 20 spares, 7 open frames. Working on my second completly different customized shot.

There is a new "Amanda" and "Hook" shot setting. When you first run BackSpin, it will ask you if you would like to try this new setting. Click YES. You can double check that you are using the best setting by going to the SETTINGS and checking ONLY "Amanda's shot". Some people with older computers might want to try the "Hook shot" instead.


free pogo bowl cheat 

Basically you need to uncheck ANY checked boxes and check number 4. Make sure you pause the agent FIRST, make sure only number 4 is checked and then unpause the agent.

If you come across a particular combination that DOESN'T USE the "Wait" or "Spin" feature, and gets a strike every time please contact BadgeHelp, so the shot can be added to the game. Here is how you configure a custom shot. First of all, uncheck all shots but the custom shot you want to work on, let's say Custom Shot 2. So only Custom Shot 2 should be checked.  Something to be aware of is that it will only take this shot if ALL TEN pins are standing.  If less than ten pins are standing, the pogo bowl bot will try to take the shot that it thinks will knock down the rest of the pins. The first two TrackBars tell the pogo bowl cheat aimer where to shoot FROM, and where to AIM FOR.  Basically treat them like the ball... If you want the ball to shoot from the far left then drag the first trackbar all the way to the left.  IF you want it to AIM for the far right, drag the second trackbar to the far right.  The Next TrackBar indicates how fast you want the ball to move, for the fastest possible shot, drag it all the way to the right.  For the slowest possible shot, put it as far left as it will go.  For any combination in between set it accordingly.


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