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October 04 , 2013


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Trizzle cheat Wizzle has been released

Slingo Blast cheat SlingBlaster is here

Amazing Adventures cheat AmazingAvenger is now available

Connect 4 cheat ConnectFore has been released

Sherlock Holmes cheat Watson is now out

Letters From Nowhere cheat MiddleOfNowhere is now available

Slingo Richochet cheat Ricochet has been released

Bloons 2 cheat Bloonatic has been released

CitySlicker for Big City Adventure has been released

Plants vs. Zombies cheat SunScream has been released

SoulCrusher for Claire Hart: Soul Searcher pogo game has been released

FamilyFighter for pogo Family Feud has been released

JewelTwister plays Bejeweled Twist on pogo

FatCat plays Sushi Cat 2 on pogo

Zuma's Revenge cheat ZuMaster has been released

Jeweler has been released for Bejeweled3

MahjonggDementia has been released to play Mahjongg Dimensions

NavalCommander plays the new Battleship Naval Combat game at pogo

Scrabble Sprint cheat WordRunner is now available

Monopotropolis for pogo Monopoly Classic has been released

The Daily Hot Shots cheat SnapShot has been released

LightningPop, the new Poppit Sprint cheat will play Poppit Sprint on Pogo.com and Facebook

Since Pogo has decided to get rid of most of their game programmers and has stopped putting out new games, we have no choice but to go where everyone is going and that is Zynga games on facebook. We have 2 new products for this:

Facebook wall gift acceptor called GiftScraper... This is the hottest program for facebook games out there. Beat the competition on your wall for all the gifts you need. GiftScraper will get them automatically for you! Are you tired of searching for gifts from the Facebook wall? Is someone else claiming the rare gifts before you do? GiftScraper automatically accepts facebook wall gifts!

And GiftAuto, the facebook gift request auto processor. Why spend all of your time accepting or ignoring facebook requests when you can have GiftAuto do it automatically?

Get them both at


FillerKiller, the Balloon Bounce cheat, is here

Pogo Clue: Secret & Spies cheat Clues4U has been released

Pogo Risk cheat GeneralRisk has been released

FlowerPower has been released for the Flower Daze game

Puck's Peak cheat PeakBuilder is finally here

Pogo Battle Ship cheat ShipShape has been released

Cheat for facebook Farmville PlowShare is now out

New Facebook Mafia Wars cheat has been made. It is called DonBot

MiniGolfRadness for Mini Golf Madness has been released

WordCrosser for Crossword Cove is here

Boggle Bash cheat BaggeBosh is now here

Boardwalk Sea Ball cheat BeachBall has been released

LottsOmega has been released for Lottso Express

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BoardWalker is the new pogo Monopoly Slots cheat

Beaker Creatures cheat BeakerTweaker is now here

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Word Whomp Underground cheat UnderWords has been released

Pogo Way To Go Bowling cheat ProBowler is now here

PicturePerfect, the Pictureka Museum Mayhem cheat, has been released

Yahtzee Party cheat Alotzee has been released

Diner Dash Family Style cheat RoboFlo is here.


Pogo Trivial Pursuit cheat TriviaKnowItAll has been released

Operation mania cheat was a tough one to make, OperationStation is finally here

Pogo monopoly cheat FreeParking has been released

Everyone Wins Bingo cheat NobodyLoses has now been released

Jigsaw Treasure Hunter cheat JigsawGPS is now released

Pogo scrabble cheat Scrabtacular has been released

We are having a presell on the pogo crazy cakes cheat. Buy it before it gets released and save $3

Word Riot cheat has now been released. It is called RiotGear. It is a free pogo cheat with any purchase of a pogo cheat for a limited time.

GolfClub plays pogo golf solitaire. It's the new golf solitaire cheat.

Pogo Addiction Solitaire cheat is released and is named AddictionEviction.

SafariHunt for Mahjong Safari has been released. SafariHunt is the new Mahjong Safari cheat.

SudokuBlaster has been released to play the new pogo sudoku puzzle blast game. It is a Sudoku Puzzle blast cheat.

RubyQuest was made for Tri-peaks deluxe. RubyQuest does not play tri-peaks to go or regular tri-peaks, but the Tri-peaks 2: Quest for the Ruby Ring game.


Keeno for the keno pop game has been released. This is the keno pop cheat. It will not play the old pogo keno game, but the new keno pop game.

Domination has been made to play pogo Super Dominoes

TreasureIsland has been released to play the new Thousand Island Solitaire game.

Mahjong Deluxe cheat is now released. It is beta 0.2 version. It's called TowerPower.

Bingo Luau cheat Aloha Bingo has now been released.

New pogo lottso deluxe cheat is now out, it is called AutoLottoDeluxe

Pogo has made a new word search game. SearchParty is the pogo word search cheat.

RoyalFlush plays the new NO LIMIT pogo texas holdem game.

Makeover Madness cheat Hairspray has been released.

Gallows has been released, it is the new Hangman Hijinks cheat program.

Hog Heaven Slots has finally been released and we now have the hog heaven slots cheat ready to go. It's called "When Pigs Fly"

New pogo bridge cheat is released. It is called Trickster.

SpellBook is the new Word Craft cheat.

HoneyBucket is now ready to go. It is the new Tumble Bees to go cheat.

We climbed the pogo to go Tripeaks walls with Peaker. Get it and go solo on the Tripeaks to go game.

The new "show" is in town. ThunderPopperToGo runs your show automatically...it's the new Poppit to go cheat.

World Class Solitaire to go cheat is ready, say hello to Traveler

New word whomp to go pogo auto is now ready. It's called Whompage. This plays the pogo word whomp to go game.

Harvester is the new pogo to go harvest mania cheat

CandyStore plays Sweet Tooth to go

IslandHopper runs Casino Island Pogo to Go games on auto. We are now making Pogo to go autos. Please email me with any suggestions on what pogo to go autos you would like.

Pogo has discontinued Buckaroo Blackjack and has released Blackjack Carnival. BlackjackBuckaroo (the old Buckaroo Blackjack program) now plays the new Blackjack Carnival game.

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RollerDice for the new pogo dice city roller game has been released.

The new Turbo21 update has been released. If you have bought it before, this is free for you.

Slinger is the new Slingo cheat for use on the Pogo Slingo game.

TigersDriver for the pebble beach golf cheat has been discounted. New ParNone has been released. And it is big and bad. It will play your golf game automatically. If you are a 150 member this is a free pogo cheat for you....just email me and I will reset your 150 page so you can get it.

If you play the chuzzle game (there are many free chuzzle games including pogo chuzzle, yahoo chuzzle game and popcap chuzzle game) we have made a chuzzle cheat called Comboz.

Bloopage is the new pogo bloop cheat.

BackSpin is a new pogo bowl cheat for use on the pogo bowl pogo game.

Bumper is a Shuffle Bump cheat for use on the Shuffle Bump pogo game. We have released the "dumb version" with a smarter version to come in a week or so.

MultiMax is the new Lost Temple Poker cheat for use on the Lost Temple Poker pogo game

Suuji has been released. Suuji is a sudoku program for the Sudoku game developed for the benefit of the players of Sudoku puzzles. This is not a pogo auto cheat. It is not auto, you need to put the numbers in manually.

EarlyBird has been released. This is a new pogo cheat for a pogo game called Bookworm.

BabbleBlast has been released. This is a new pogo cheat for a new pogo game called Scrabble.

SpadeMaid 2.0 has been released. It is beta and it has been released "just to get you by". This is a pogo spades cheat.

Wonderland Memories cheat has now been released it is called ShakinBake.

Play at neopets and want to talk about neopets cheats you need? MYNEOPETSCHEAT.COM is a brand new neopets cheat forum.

New and revised Keno cheat HotStreak has been released

We got a swashbucks cheat now....called Buckaneer.

New and revised Tumblebees cheat BumbleJumble has been released!

New and revised FirstClass Solitaire cheat SOLO has been released!

Ride the Tide pogo cheat TideRider is released. Version 1.2 is here and its got the smartz.

Give the gift of BadgeHelp! this year....We've made it easier with that special link. That link can be found on the homepage also. Use this link to give a pogo cheat program to someone you know.

WorldClass Solitaire cheat was redone by Miranda Starr. It is now called FlightAttendant. Plays better than the FlightPlan.

The new quick quack cheat called QuackAttack has been released. It plays pogo quick quack automatically! A great club pogo cheat.

A few of our pogo cheat programs are going to be discontinued. We have created an "auto eraser" that will automatically delete the ones you need to delete. Run it and once it is finished you'll have to go download the latest version on the website. To erase all the pogo cheat programs we are discontinuing CLICK HERE. If your pogo cheat code has changed, you need to email us with your receipt and your new pogo cheat code.

We will have quick quack cheat out when the game is released.

StarSweeper is a Stellar Sweeper cheat for use on the stellar sweeper pogo game. It's new, it's beta, full version should be released shortly.

Yuiop will play your Qwerty game for you on pogo.com. Get your pogo qwerty game up and run the new pogo qwerty cheat.

JigsawDetector 6.3 has now been released...

Introducing a new site for neopets cheats CHEATNEO.COM for you people looking for neopets cheat codes and neopets game cheat programs

New auto for Phlinx, its called Flanks. Works like a dream. It's fast and wins a lot.

Whompster has been released. It works on all operating systems as a word whomp™ cheat

BlackJackBuckaroo is the new update for buckaroo blackjack™.

There are new pogo cheats for the video pokers for pogo. BetterJack plays Jacks or Better poker, Deucer plays Double Deuces poker and PokerJoker plays Jokers Wild poker. They are 3 separate files. You get all 3 for $10.

BarnStorm, the new Stack 'em cheat has been released. It is version 1.0. Final version should be released shortly.

PeguinBobber has been released and will play your Penguin Block game for you on pogo.com. Get the game up first and then run PB, a great pogo cheat for Penguin Blocks.

Battle Phlinx update: Version 2.0 Montu is here. Delete 1.0 and redownload. When you run Montu, it should say 2.0. It now works with all Java platforms. AOL users may have problems. We are aware of this, use IE when playing battle phlinx and running Montu.

DeucesWild is the new High Stakes Poker cheat. Right now it will only work on Club Pogo accounts.

There is a free pogo cheat program link up on the main page. This is for free pogo game cheats. These do not need to be registered. It is a free pogo cheat.

Texas RoundUp, the pogo texas holdem cheat has been revised. Delete any version you have and redownload.

New Mah Jong auto. It is called MadJong and completes mah jong puzzles in around 2 minutes. You SHOULD get the 4 season bonus on every puzzle. It will complete the zodiac in about 45 minutes. Yes, it is a free upgrade for old Mahjong-o-matic users.

The new squelchies cheat has been released. A newer version will be released in a few days. We just wanted to get this out so you can see how good it's going to be.

Trouncer, the new poppazoppa™ cheat for pogo has been released. There is a new kick butt version that has been silently released. Delete what you have downloaded and redownload. Ohhh, you are going to like this.....As one customer states "Holy Crap!!!! In one game I got a 31,32 and 33 chain and whooped my opponents butt with a score of 17,240!!!!"

Reaper, the Harvest Mania cheat has had an update. It was having problems getting past "winter"....delete your copy and redownload.

3 point showdown cheat is here. It will only work on the first player Mark "Rainbow" Williams. We will update it to play on all players if there is enough interest.

The perfect pair solitaire auto MatchMaker has now been updated to version 4. Delete your perfectpair solitaire cheat you had before and download the latest version.

New BadgeHelp merchandise store click here for cool t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and much more.

FiveOfAKind is the new dice derby cheat. It's smarter and doesn't mess up as much as DiceDerby. A new Squelchies is on the way...

AcesAndEights for 6th Street Omaha Poker is released. It is a dumb auto with no logic. Read more about it on the AcesAndEights page.

Another clicker for all you hard core pogo badge getters...Texas RoundUp for Texas Hold'em Poker is here. Texas RoundUp will help you get 2 of the most elusive badges on Club Pogo .. The "4 aces" and the "Royal Flush" Badge in Texas Holdem Poker. A couple of members have stated it takes approx. 20,000 hands before you get those 2 badges. All this auto will do is "check" or "call". It will play game after game gaining your ranks (99 in total). Win or lose, this auto will never fold ... so there is no missed opportunities on getting those badges

For all you hard core pogo badge getters...3-Bagger for Canasta is here. This loses Canasta games and just collects red 3's so you can zip up the ranks as fast as possible. Read the instructions on how to use this on the Canasta page.

The latest and greatest update is Pop Phooey. The new popfu auto. This bad boy is 10 times faster than any auto ever made for pop fu. Not only that...it solves gates and bonus fish rounds (oh my!)

The first AUTO pool player in the world has taken its first shot (by itself) and put the ball into the pocket. Yahoo pool release will be first followed by Pogo. This is going to be a pogo pool cheat update.

Our sister site, BEATMYGAME.COM has released GAMBITRON, the chess auto for Yahoo chess. Yes, Pogo chess is going to follow. Want an idea of how good Pogo chess auto will be? Check out the yahoo chess cheat. Of course, best in the business, the only one out there...

We are proud to announce the birth our baby sister site YAHOOPOOLAIMER.COM. A new Yahoo game cheat site will be opening up specializing only in Yahoo games called BEATMYGAME.COM

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We now accept MONEY ORDERS and personal checks by US mail.

If you outside of the United States, we cannot accept your personal check or money order. The reason for this is it costs us $15 to process a $10 check. This defeats the purpose of owning a business and being able to feed ourselves. The address to send a check or money order to is:

5580 La Jolla Blvd #30
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Literati cheat, yahoo chess cheat, yahoo pyramids cheat, text twist cheat and a new yahoo pool aimer coming soon. Free to try!
Also yahoo card counters for spades, hearts, euchre, canasta and pinochle.

This is available over at beatmygame.com....




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