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To try MiniGolfRadness for free, click here .

MiniGolfRadness will play the pogo Mini Golf Madness game for you on Pogo.com. MiniGolfRadness is a Mini Golf Madness cheat for the Mini Golf Madness game on Pogo.com

***12/10/13 UPDATE *** MiniGolfRadness version 2.8

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MiniGolfRadness 2.8 has been released

Get your pogo Mini Golf Madness game up and then download MiniGolfRadness. It should look like this:
mini golf madness cheat

This IE8 version will play ALL operating systems. So get that club pogo Mini Golf Madness up, download this and walk away.


So how can I start auto with my Mini Golf Madness game?
It is a very quick and easy program to use. Just get your Mini Golf Madness game up on the screen, and make sure it is completely visible. Run our MiniGolfRadness.exe file that you downloaded, and you are finished. MiniGolfRadness takes over your club pogo Mini Golf Madness from there. Follow the download directions at our downloads page. Once you have completed the download, run the MiniGolfRadness.exe file that you saved.

Pogo Mini Golf Madness- use our Pogo Mini Golf Madness Cheat on Pogo.com it's FREE to try: Pogo Mini Golf Madness Cheat / Auto Cheat Program · MiniGolfRadness is our newest Pogo Cheat and as always is FREE to try! ...

Pogo Mini Golf Madness is not for the faint of heart! This is truly what Badgehelp Pogo Cheats are made for. MiniGolfRadness will maneuver you around the Pogo Mini Golf Madness course and help you get an Ace or Hole In One! MiniGolfRadness Pogo Autoplayer Cheat will help you get ton's of Rank Points when you are on the greens of Pogo's newest game Pogo Mini Golf Madness. Earn special "Course" Pogo Badges by completing each Standard course in the game at or below Par with our Best Pogo Cheat for Pogo Mini Golf. This Pogo Autoplayer Cheat is so great because this is actually a really fun game to sit and watch sometimes and learn how you can be. Our Pogo Cheat Helper is meant to give you tons of Tips on How To Play and Win in the new Pogo Game- Pogo Mini Golf Madness. As with all our Pogo Cheats try MiniGolfRadness for free and get your Birdie. The Pogo Auto's, Pogo Cheats, Pogo helpers and Pogo Programs that Badgehelp has help you get your Badges and Pogo Tokens for Online Games and Online Casino Style Games on Pogo.com. It is always free to try our Pogo Cheat Autoplayers and If you love them or they help you Win Badges, complete challenges or move up in your rankings try all of our Pogo Auto Cheat Programs for free and start building your collection of Badgehelp Auto Cheat Programs.


How many pogo golf games are enough?
Aren't you people about sick of golf? If you are one of these mad people, play until you can't play anymore and then get the auto. if you are just plain sick of golf, well, we have a lot to offer you. We made this Mini Golf Madness cheat for you.

These are some Of the Pogo Mini Golf Madness Badges to win:
Hole In One Badge
Birdseye Badge
And several Rank Badges

Pogo Mini Golf Madness Cheat- Try Pogo Mini Golf Madness Game Cheat Free!

Leave your thoughts
Richard 2009-08-31 14:39:12
I am running VISTA--IE8--smooth edges off--This new client is AWSOME!! got me in 2 games 14 hole in ones in each game. It does cause a popup from I think files both time on hole 6--had to pause agent to fix it both times. Also on hole 9--It will not play it--it hangs up and repeats and repeats and repeats--both games--I had to pause agent and play hole myself (got a hole in one both time). Needs some tweeking. Does it automatically do the WARMUP course? It does so good on it How is it on th
RNB 2009-08-31 18:09:53
A good start. As Richard said, 0.2 does need tweeking before it will play unattended...but the holes it plays are great!
M 2009-09-03 03:25:32
As always, good job. I haven't yet left this auto unattended. I used it to show me the best shots for each hole. I can get holes in one and under par every game now (except on Hard) without the auto. Now to see what happens unattended. ...
Richard 2009-09-07 02:31:23
Am running Vista, IE8, Sunjava, smooth edges off. Version .08. It is totally AWSOME!!! Has a few minor problems. Will get you all course badges. Will also get all other special badges on warmup course. Will rank you out with no problem and runs unattended with no problem. A must have for fast ranks and of course futrue challenges. AWSOME job guys. Minor problems are just that, minor!!
Ed 2010-07-08 21:46:20
This auto works great to get the course completion badges- but you have to attend the auto to do this as it won't select new courses. I got every one of them all today. Also, don't select "use power ups" if you are going for the course badges as this seems to confuse the auto.
Ed 2010-09-13 06:01:27
Decided to start ranking up in this game. The most rank points you can score in any one round of Mini Golf Madness is 36, which is 2 points for each hole you finish below par x 18 holes. This auto will play the "warm up" course over and over without being attended- and score 36 rank points by finishing every single hole below par. I am at 89 games and counting after running it most of the night (not using power ups as they slow everything down and don't improve the score).
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If your MiniGolfRadness is not working correctly here are some tips:
 • Make sure the game window is fully loaded before running MiniGolfRadness.
 • Try running at "1024 x 768" pixels and 32 bit color.
 • Turn the screen saver off.
 • Leave the computer alone and let it play!

To try MiniGolfRadness for free, click here.

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