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makeover madness

To try Hairspray for free, click here.
Play MakeOver Madness on Pogo.com automatically with Hairspray. Hairspray runs pogo MakeOver Madness at pogo games. Hairspray is a pogo MakeOverMadness auto.

***08/05/13 UPDATE *** HairSpray version 2.4 is now out. The agent will now attach to the embedded game and play through the Play Again screen. Please use Chrome browser

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Version 2.4:
 • Initial release, please email us with any problems or suggestions

Hairspray runs your pogo MakeOver Madness game for you on Pogo. It is a makeover madness auto.
Who the hell wants to play MakeOver Madness free online by hand? Where can I play makeover madness for free, you ask? Go to pogo, get the makeover madness game up and download HairSpray.
Download the player and go do something more important....like watching racecars circle a racetrack 200 times. Need your Pogo MakeOver Madness game to be played for you? You came to the right place. Get that MakeOver Madness game up and let us take over. Looking for makeover madness game cheats? Look no further than right here.

makeover madness auto

Don't want to play the bonus round or your game is getting stuck? Click SETTINGS and then NONE:

play makeover madness free online

It WILL NOT give dogs a bone if there is not a bone on the conveyer belt. The priority is speed. It won't keep the dog's customer waiting in the seat until a bone comes around on the conveyer belt. Sometimes it takes FOREVER for a bone to roll around. So as long there is a bone on the conveyer belt, a dog is going to get it. But if there's no bone on the conveyer belt, it's business as usual and you will fly out of your seat at the still mind boggling speed.

The non-barking doggy bone feature can be accessed by checking the check box in the settings. It's the setting at the very bottom (Always Give The Dog A Bone Even If It Isn't Barking). Right here:

makeover madness game cheats

If your Hairspray is not working correctly here are some tips:
 • Make sure the game window is fully loaded before running Hairspray.
 • Try running at "1024 x 768" pixels and 32 bit color.
 • Turn the screen saver off.
 • Leave the computer alone and let it play!

Leave your thoughts
Richard 2009-03-05 16:09:06
This agent also ROCKS!!!! It is AWSOME and another must have for your collection. It ranked me out long ago. I set the game on HOLY COW level. Bring client up and set speed on client to max and let it rock away. This game uses a lot of memory so make sure all your files are cleaned out do not run anything else why this game is running. The agent does an OUTSTANDING job and will rank you out in no time.
jj 2009-06-17 08:47:55
Must agree with Richard. Fantastic agent. Did this week's challenge in minutes. If it makes a mistake, it moves so fast I just can't see it. Ranked out a long time ago. This is without updating to the latest version. Great client!
Ed 2010-06-23 10:12:02
Just completed this week's challenge. Hairspray completed the badge in less than an hour on the "insane" speed level with ease. Super-fast auto that wins every round and fashion show segment. Good job.
Ed 2010-11-09 11:14:03
Started to work on ranks and this auto really is one of the best on this site. Choose the robo assistant setting (VERY important), always give a dog a bone setting, and the fastest click speed your computer will allow to keep things running super fast.
Ed 2010-11-10 11:58:09
I have to retract part of my statement above- there is no need for the robo assistant. I assume the auto is seating customers if there is no robot (is this correct Oscar?) and things are actually faster without the robot. I know this because my scores are higher without the robot. So I suggest playing on Holy Cow speed, second highest click speed, and use no powerups except give dogs bones.
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