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pogo keno cheat

To try HotStreak for free, click here.

HotStreak can play your pogo Keno game on Pogo.com for you. Playing pogo keno games is easy with HotStreak doing it for you. HotStreak is a Pogo Keno cheat. HotStreak is a free pogo keno cheat for a limited time. Once it runs out, you have to register it if you want to keep it. Keeno plays the keno pop game. These are 2 separate programs. If you want to play regular pogo keno, you need HotStreak. If you need a keno pop cheat, you need Keeno.

01/06/14 update*** HotStreak 3.2 has been released.

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So what's all the Streakiness about?
Things just got a little Streaky around here.  HotStreak automatically plays online Pogo Keno games for you. Keno online is what it's all about. Over and over, it relentlessly clicks whatever you want, so you can play round after round without being there.  Go to work!  Go to sleep!  Go to little Johnny's softball game!  Wouldn't you like to wake up one morning to a $3,000 jackpot?  How about TENS of thousands of tokens every night when you get home from work, guaranteed?

Check out these killer options.
It is a very quick and easy program to use.  Just get your free pogo keno game up on the screen, and make sure it is completely visible.  Run our HotStreak.exe file that you downloaded, and you are finished.  HotStreak takes over from there.  There are tons of number-picking options included, even logging the "best" (most frequently winning) numbers that your personal online gaming has experienced.  With its nifty schemes, you can easily select any amount of numbers to play for each game.  We included a human-like pause option between clicks, and HotStreak will even keep your chat from being disturbed.  Choose to play:

  • your favorite numbers
  • completely randomized numbers
  • the "best" numbers that HotStreak has been logging
  • the "worst" numbers that HotStreak rarely sees
  • or mix and match them up!


Quick and easy download.
Once you have completed the download, run the HotStreak.exe file that you saved.  If you had chosen the Desktop as the saved directory, then you should see the file there on your desktop. Run it, it should look like this:
pogo keno

If you run it by default, it will just pick 10 random numbers. If you want to change the settings, click SETTINGS:
pogo keno cheat

Choose the amount of numbers that you want us to click.  If you only want to play 3 numbers in your keno rounds, then choose your numbers and put 0 (zero) in for the other 7. B = Play from the best numbers it has logged. W = play from the worst numbers (numbers that do not get called. R = Play the number randomly. Or you can manually pick your numbers.   It's pretty self-explanatory.  This example shows how to mix and match all the given options, so we could better explain how the codes work.
pogo keno game cheat

In the above example, HotStreak will play a free keno 9-spot game.  HotStreak will pick number 1, 2, 3, and 4. It will play the 3 most called numbers from the log, 1 number (the least called number) from the worst called log, 1 random number (of its choice). The last slot as you see there is zero which means it will pick nothing as the 10th number. It's kind of neat to be able to play on the logging feature.  Some people believe that certain numbers are "more lucky" than others, because they win the most.  Some people believe the exact opposite and think that numbers that are rarely seen are more likely to appear, since they haven't been picked for so long.

Again, BadgeHelp provides the best for everyone.
Easy to use software that is completely customized for even the most superstitious of pogo game players. Pogo game players are superstitious? Oh my. You know who you are...

That's it!  Go get your keno game up and running as you normally do, and watch the winnings grow.  HotStreak will take charge, recognizing when a fresh game has started, and make your picks based on your selections.  Never has keno been made so convenient.  Let Badgehelp do the work for you.

If your HotStreak is not working correctly here are some tips:
 • Make sure the game window is fully loaded before running HotStreak.
 • Try running at "1024 x 768" pixels and 32 bit color.
 • Turn the screen saver off.
 • Leave the computer alone and let it play!

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