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pogo jigsaw detective cheat

To try Sherlock for free, click here.

*** 02/06/14 UPDATE *** . Try both Sherlock and JigsawDetector and use the one that works best for you. Sherlock Version 4.6 is here and it now plays HARD puzzles. IF you have upgraded to Vista and your pogo cheat does not work anymore, please delete what you had and download this version. JigsawDetector vesion 6.4 is here. Delete any priror version

Sherlock solves Jigsaw Detective puzzles for you on pogo.com. Jigsaw Detective is a club pogo game that Sherlock can solve automatically. This is a cheat for Jigsaw Detective pogo...the best Jigsaw Detective cheat you can get.. If you have purchased Jigsaw Detective in the past, Sherlock is a free upgrage, you need to email me the receipt and the new Sherlock code.

If Sherlock is not working for you, try JigsawDetector. You can buy either one for $10.99 Just email me your JigsawDetector code when you buy Sherlock if you want JigsawDetector instead. To try JigsawDetetor for free, click here.

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Version 4.6 has now been released!
 • This will work any puzzle difficulty
 • Again, it will now solve hard jigsaw detective puzzles

* AOL support
* Made the solver "smarter" and it should solve the puzzles in less time (as much as 1 min less) without increasing the solving speed.
* Removed the "Solver does nothing" option. It now auto detects wether your using MS or Sun Java.
* Solver now solves 100% medium difficulty levels.

Sherlock runs your Jigsaw Detective for you automatically on Pogo.

- Do not have anything else loaded or running in the background (close everything off)
- Turn off anything internet related (kazaa, file xfers, etc)
- On slow machines, try rebooting your computer first Please email me with any questions, comments, concerns or bug reports

jigsaw detector cheat

feedback from Sherlock 4.6:

Dear Badgehelp,

I have had Sherlock (jigsaw) ever since I bought them ALL for 150.

It never worked, none of the versions, so I used jigsaw detective...It would get stuck at times, but i tolerated it and finished my puzzle in 4 hrs.

Well decided to d/l the version again of Sherlock to see if there was any change.

Holy Cow...I mean Holy Cow...it didn't work on easy so i tried Medium...I couldn't believe my eyes.
This program is faster than Superman and the speed of lightning. It BLEW me away.

It finished each puzzle in 1:22, I almost fell off my chair...In 1hr my jigsaw was completed.

Maybe someday some of my other programs will do the same.

I just thought it was worth a positive feedback..

Thank you,

If your Sherlock is not working correctly here are some tips:
 • If it's skipping pieces or getting stuck, slow your speed down and then try it.
 • Make sure the game window is fully loaded before running Jigsaw Detector.
 • Try running at "1024 x 768" pixels and 32 bit color.
 • Turn the screen saver off.
 • Leave the computer alone and let it play!

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Leave your thoughts
Richard 2009-03-03 12:53:20
This agent is totally AWSOME!! and a MUST HAVE!! I use it every month on a total of 6 people. I set the difficulty level on HARD, I bring up this agent and set the speed level on agent all the way to max(left). I walk away from it or just sit and watch the amazing job. It takes just UNDER 45 minutes to do each months badge. If it screws up a puzzle, let it, it will reset it and get it right. Leave agent alone and let it do its thing. IT IS TOTALLY AWSOME AND A MUST HAVE!!!
Joe C 2009-03-04 14:08:52
SHERLOCK 4.1 is an excellent client. As Richard said, slide the speed to max, play on HARD puzzles and let it rip. DO NOT TRY TO HELP IT ALONG. Sometimes, it cannot solve a puzzle. So what? It is a very stable client that will hit new game. Do each case one day early by starting on the LAST day of the month.

Waneida 2009-04-09 22:35:57
I tried the suggestion to set the game to Medium and WOW! What a great job. It really was fun to watch its unique way of solving the puzzles.
Great job! to it's creator and thank you. Looking forward to getting those badges now.
It really is awesome and a must have.
Zany 2009-09-18 07:19:05
I thought that Jigzaw Detective would just be a game that I would never have many badges in. Boy was I wrong!!! I actually got 21 (TWENTY ONE) badges in the same day!!
Erika 2009-11-14 03:11:58
This program is a must have! Does not work on easy for me but try medium and hard, works great! Can do the hard puzzle on full speed in just under a minute and a half!! Usually takes an hour! Thanks everyone at Badge Help for this very useful and time saving program!
Ed 2010-07-20 18:07:48
I found Medium difficulty best, as the auto won all the available episode badges for this game in last than 2 weeks. 50-odd new badges that fast- what more could you want?
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