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What is "BadgeHelp?"

Badgehelp is a website that has programs that run online games automatically for Pogo.com. Bookmark and Share

My freeware expired, how do I register my program?

Click here to REGISTER/BUY your program.

How do I use "BadgeHelp"?

Here are some simple instructions to get you going:

  • You have to download it, save it to your Desktop (or hard drive), and run it WHILE YOU HAVE AN ONLINE GAME GOING.
  • On the BadgeHelp Home page, click on the game in the Game Cheats section that you play online. It will then take you to the program you need to download. Make sure you read all of the instructions for each program.
  • Choose "Save this program to disk" and click "OK".
  • Now find a directory where you want to store the file. Example: "Desktop"
  • Remember this directory! And click "Save".
  • After the download, go to that remembered download directory. Example: Look at your Desktop!
  • Double-click the freshly downloaded .exe file there and you are finished!
  • When you would like to register it (keep it forever), go back to the website and click where you downloaded it and you will see a cart that says ADD TO CART. Click that and then proceed to checkout and follow the steps.

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    Download Our Toolbar

    You can download it for free and have easy access to all the things that you like to do on the web. It has all the BadgeHelp hot links, read your email , access your online game sites, check the weather in your area, see the latest news for badgehelp. The gadget feature is lots of fun too!
    Badgehelp loves giving you free stuff whenever we can and this one is great so check it out!

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