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pogo firstclass solitaire cheat

To try Solo for free, click here.
Solo will run First Class Solitaire automatically on Pogo.com. It's basically a pogo first class solitaire cheat for use on pogo games

*** 07/28/13 UPDATE *** Solo version 6.7 is now the latest version. This works in Chrome AND Firefox browser and clicks the start new game button

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Version 6.7 has been released!
 • This plays Pogo First Class Solitaire, the new revised version. If you are a 150 buy them all member, you get this for free (oh yeah baby), if you aren't, you need to forward me a copy of your old First Class Solitaire cheat receipt and your NEW Solo code. Some minor updates will come, but this wins and plays well.

Instructions for first class solitaire cheat.
After you download Solo correctly, you should see something like this on your Desktop.
first class solitaire cheat

For those that have Solo playing perfectly, feel free to jump your speed setting up a notch and see if your cards still fly.  Or lower the option to a more human-like pace to make your game play appear normal.

Cruise right through pogo first class solitaire.
Now get your pogo first class solitaire game going and Solo will take over.  You can start a completely fresh game, or have Solo start right in the middle, it will reset the game for you.  Then feel free to take a nap or head off to work.  We will play your first class solitaire games for you, over and over until you return.  It is truly that simple.  Just get your first class solitaire game going like you normally do and run our file as well.  Free yourself some time, while we make your solitaire cards fly!


(complete 30 foundation stacks in 2 weeks)

Tested on 12/05/07


This Session:

Winning Percentage: 16%

Won: 5 Games
Lost: 27 Games

Biggest Win: 307

Foundation Total: 572

Total Tokens Won: 1790

Cleared 20 foundation stacks in 1 hour.

Tested on:
Microsoft XP Pro
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

Intel Core2 Duo CPU
3.0 GHz, 2.0 GB RAM

Smooth Fonts ON
Screen Resolution: 1680 X 1050 pixels
Color Quality: 32 bit (Highest)

Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0.5730
Java: Sun Java Version 1.6.0

If your Solo is not working correctly here are some tips:
 • Make sure the game window is fully loaded before running Solo.
 • Try running at "1024 x 768" pixels and 32 bit color.
 • Turn the screen saver off.
 • Leave the computer alone and let it play!


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