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How does the DUALITY feature work?

DUALITY Is currently enabled only in AutoLotto, the Agent that plays Lottso!(tm). As demand for the feature increases, and confidence in it improves, it will slowly become available in all of our most popular Agents. This feature is activated by clicking OPTIONS and then DUALITY as show below:

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DUALITY allows the user to have the Agent play the game in two browsers at once. Since this process can be somewhat tricky, the feature is only recommended for advanced users. Bookmark and Share

Since most game sites will not allow you to have two games open for the same account, you will need a second user account in order to make use of DUALITY. For example you might log in as HappyMagic831. If you try to log into Lottso!(tm) again as HappyMagic831, your first game window will log you out. Therefore, you will need to create a second account such as HappyMagic832, or any other screen name that isn't taken yet.

Since most browsers will not let you open the same Java applet from the same site in two different windows, you will also need to install a second browser. For example, if you open Lottso!(tm) as HappyMagic831 in Internet Explorer, and then you use Internet Exploer and log into Lottso!(tm) as HappyMagic832, then Internet Explorer will close your first Java window in preference of the second one you opened. Therefore you will need two browsers. We strongly recommend Internet Explorer as your first browser, and FireFox as your second browser.

Now that you have two user accounts and two browsers, go to www.BadgeHelp.Com/lottsocheat.html and download AutoLotto, which is the Agent that plays Lottso!(tm). We would very much like to see you Purchase AutoLotto, but doing so is not necessary to use the DUALITY feature - nor are you required to purchase it twice in order to use the feature.

After downloading AutoLotto, log in to your first account in Internet Explorer, and your second account in FireFox, and bring up two Lottso!(tm) game windows, one in each browser. Once both games are fully loaded you then have all the ingredients ready to use DUALITY. And it's really easy to do! Just start the AutoLotto Agent and wait for it to begin playing either one of the games.  Then press the pause button on the AutoLotto Agent. Once the automatic game play is suspended, click the options button on the AutoLotto Agent; this will bring up the Options window. If DUALITY is not supported, the DUALITY checkbox will be greyed out, otherwise just check this box and do nothing else. DUALITY will detect the second window and resume automatic game play in both.

If DUALITY is greyed out in AutoLotto, or another Agent that's supposed to have it, make sure you have the most recent version.

To Review:
Step 1) Make Sure You Have Two User Accounts.
Step 2) Make Sure You Have Two Browsers.
Step 3) Make Sure You Have The Game Open In Each Browser.
Step 4) Make Sure You Have The Most Recent Version Of The Agent.
Step 5) Start The Agent And Let It Start Playing One Of The Games.
Step 6) Pause The Agent.
Step 7) Click "Options" On The Agent.
Step 8) Click The "DUALITY" Checkbox AND WAIT!

As Always, If You Have A Problem, Please Follow The Instructions Under "Submit A Technical Support Request", On The Options Page.

Rock On.

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