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pogo chess cheat

To try PogoGambitron for free, click here.
PogoGambitron will play pogo chess for you at pogo.com. Run your free chess online pogo game automatically at pogo games with PogoGambitron. Gambitron is a pogo chess cheat. It will play your online chess pogo game for you. It will not play the online chess pogo game in less than 1 minute. We have no plans on making it faster than it is. Please do not email me about this.

08/05/13 update*** PogoGambitron 2.8 has been released.

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Version 2.8 is here!
 • Email me with problems... Chess link for AOL was down, so couldn't test it on AOL browser.
 • This one plays under more environments, including 16-bit graphics, as well as under 24-bit better.

free pogo chess auto

PogoGambitron runs your free online chess pogo game for you on Pogo. It is a pogo chess cheat.
Bored? Lonely? Go kick some ass with Gambitron. The worlds very first robotic chess program will give your friends and enemies the cyber-whooping they so richly deserve. Simply start up your free pogo chess online game, invite your unsuspecting friend, and watch the fangs come out as you unleash GAMBITRON. Of course to your buddy, it looks like YOU'RE playing. Hehhehehehhh. Pat yourself on the back for thinking outside the box. After all, your opponant may be a genius, but if you find a way to beat him, who's the real smarty? PogoGambitron - and never lose again.

Looking for club pogo cheats for chess? Look no further. Try this free pogo chess auto and if it doesn't blow you away, I don't know what to tell you.

If your PogoGambitron is not working correctly here are some tips:
 • Make sure the game window is fully loaded before running PogoGambitron.
 • We recommend a vertical screen resolution of at least 900 or 1400x1050, or 1650x900
 • Turn the screen saver off.
 • Leave the computer alone and let it play!


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