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New Crossword Cove Cheat WordCrosser

28 July 2009, 04:05:08
WordCrosser will play pogo Crossword Cove for you on WordCrosser is a cheat for pogo Crossword Cove. Current version is 0.5

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  1. Richard Richard on 28 July 2009, 05:41:32

    Not very good yet. It played the game on easy for 30 minutes and never did get it. I finally paused program and finished it up myself. I finally finished it and won "0" tokens. Program not very smart yet.

  2. robert robert on 28 July 2009, 06:46:27

    wow, my eight year old did better than this client and she is as dumb as a shoe!

  3. Oscar Jones Oscar Jones on 28 July 2009, 08:40:19

    Make sure you are using version 0.7

  4. Lynn Lynn on 28 July 2009, 11:40:30

    0.7 is horrible. It kept hitting hint, and never did solve the puzzle.

  5. kim kim on 28 July 2009, 12:20:58

    I used o.7 and this cheat is awful. Still waiting for others to be fixed especially the downloadables that I purchased.

  6. noname noname on 28 July 2009, 17:06:08

    used 0.7 version. it kept using the hint button and still couldn't get any letters right. ran cheat on slowest settings. i'm with kim, still waiting on a lot of the others to be fixed. i'll wait to purchase this one for sure.

  7. Richard Richard on 29 July 2009, 04:42:03

    I think the key to this is to set it up then walk away from it a DO NOT WATCH IT (it will work your last nerve, lol). I just did one on Easy and it did win the game, but I got no tokens. Maybe because it went too fast??? Can you tell what time pogo is allowing. Took client about 10 to 15 minutes to do that to fast for tokens? It does use hint A LOT. this was version 0.9

  8. Steve Steve on 29 July 2009, 04:55:22

    7 worked better for me then 9. It never took more the 8:20 to do a puzzle now I cannot get one done under the 15 minutes required. It use to skip a line if it was complete and move to the next line, but now it goes letter for letter if the lines complete or not. Then when it gets to the lines thats not completed it skips over them so I have to pause the program an take the time to figure out where what letter goes where. I m a very unhappy camper.

  9. Kathy Kathy on 29 July 2009, 05:05:10

    I'm friends with Steve and the trouble he is having started when he went to the month of May so I went and did a puzzle in May and it's doing the same thing it is doing for him but the months of July and June versioin 0.9 seems to be working better the 0.7 for me. He doesn't know because he already has completed the month of June and July. All I know is for sure it's not working up to par.

  10. Oscar Jones Oscar Jones on 29 July 2009, 10:18:10

    Let me know how 1.0 works for you

  11. steve steve on 29 July 2009, 12:46:52

    Your the man, it works great. you can remove your hint about not getting tokens because its to fast. I HAVE COMPLETED 2 IN 2:42 AND GOT MY SPIN. Thank you very much

  12. swamp swamp on 29 July 2009, 13:20:11

    1.0 rocks thanks guys and gals you did great on this one at rank 17 now

  13. mary vogel mary vogel on 29 July 2009, 15:01:04

    1.0 works great. did you know you can play the uk side just like in trivia. are you going to add the uk answer also?

  14. Richard Richard on 29 July 2009, 15:19:47

    I am running Vista(no choice on new pc's), IE8, Smooth edges off. This baby ROCKS now. Did a puzzle in 2:33 and got me a jp spin and OVER 4000 tokens. So far so good. TOTALLY AWSOME!! I am buying this one for sure. I knew you guys would work it out!!! THANK YOU ALL so much!!

  15. JANEY JANEY on 29 July 2009, 16:58:08

    I need help, I have vista also and IE8 but my client just continues to high light spaces and never puts any letters in. I have tried different resolutions and I have smooth edges off.I have 1.0 version.

  16. JANEY JANEY on 29 July 2009, 17:10:44

    Oscar 0.7 worked for me, is there any way I can get it back?

  17. mary vogel mary vogel on 29 July 2009, 17:33:18

    just tryed 1.0 on the uk croword cove and it play for 30 min and i had to stop and finish the puzzle my self. you have apr may june and july on both us n uk so 6 months of puzzlues to do. need an update to do the uk side ty

  18. Mike Maroulakos Mike Maroulakos on 29 July 2009, 20:15:06

    Way to go guys! Version 1.0 Rocks!!!!!!

  19. Steve Steve on 30 July 2009, 06:58:10

    Is another update needed in order for us to play the UK side?

  20. Oscar Jones Oscar Jones on 30 July 2009, 13:00:18

    We are working on the UK side right now. Should be done shortly

  21. Sage Sage on 30 July 2009, 16:35:40

    I purchased WordCrosser and overnight made it to rank 17. However, when running the agent today, it keeps skipping letters and cannot solve. I've deleted and re-installed, but the agent just doesn't want to work right now. Maybe Pogo added something new? Was rockin, now stuck. I'll try to get a TSR to you.

  22. cats cats on 30 July 2009, 18:50:12

    I tried to download the crosser but all I got was RICH1EDIT. What is it and how do I get rid of it so I can use the programs?

  23. shannon shannon on 31 July 2009, 15:49:29

    this one rockssssssssssssss up to rank 16.. but there is one thing wrong.... does pogo have a bug.... pogo is not upping the badges??anyone else having this problem? i got the rank 10 but the one for a month of puzzles not getting it or any of the other badges .....

  24. Bob Bob on 31 July 2009, 18:17:37

    Not getting badge also,tokens dont change count in game window, thats gotta be pogo. However 1.0 was doing great now back to the hint button all the time, seems something has changed.

  25. therese therese on 31 July 2009, 19:30:20

    sometimes the creature pops up with letters , other times the puzzle is not completed, other times the letters are deleted before completion

  26. ray ray on 01 August 2009, 05:38:59

    How often will wordcrosser be updated?


  27. Cat Cat on 01 August 2009, 08:45:29

    Played 4 or 5 games with cheat and never gave me any tokens or spins that I earned. What is up with the cheat? Is there something I need to do to get my credits to count played on the slowest speed and everything.

  28. judy corbin judy corbin on 01 August 2009, 09:06:33

    i have had no problems with version 1.0, other than it doesn't play todays puzzle, goes to calendar, will play past puzzles but never the one for today - and it doesn't play on the UK side - what it had done the past 2 days - it does use the hints, it is figuring out where the letters overlap, between the across and down answers, takes a little longer, about 6 minutes to complete the puzzle - but it does...just need to be patient...i have got the month rank - the other 2 special badges and rank badges for after rank 10 - there have not yet been enough puzzles from pogo yet to accomplish these - crossword cove ranking is set up like trivia, need to keep on playing in a daily basis to accrue the badges (would go quicker though if it worked on uk side).....thanks for such good work on this client....

  29. Bob Bob on 01 August 2009, 09:41:35

    I have found that if the creature starts popping up in wordcrosser when you first start it, close everything out and restart, works for me. Close badgehelp & Game.

  30. swamp swamp on 01 August 2009, 11:52:27

    for some reason it wont play the calendars just sets on may.and it gave me a lot of gray check marks.because of this iam stuck at rank 17 but i can go back and play the checked ones but it dont count toward my rank progress

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