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pogo battle phlinx cheat

To try Montu for free, click here
Montu will play battle phlinx for you at pogo.com. Run your battle phlinx game automatically at pogo games with Montu. Montu is a pogo battle phlinx cheat.

08/05/13 UPDATE Version 4.7 has been released. Delete what you have and make sure you are running 4.7

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Version 4.7 is here!
Delete 1.0 or 2.0 and redownload. When you run Montu, it should say 4.6. It now works with all Java platforms.
AOL users may have problems. We are aware of this, use IE when playing battle phlinx and running Montu. Also, it seems the game site is changing the battle phlinx game screen sometimes on a weekly basis. We will constantly be updating Montu so it will work when they change things.
If you ever use your Montu and it does not work, delete your copy, come back here and redownload. If it still doesn't work, wait for us to announce that it has been updated. This seems like this may be an ongoing problem. There is nothing we can do about this.

This one plays under more environments, including 16-bit graphics, as well as under 24-bit better.
battle phlinx cheat

Montu runs your Battle Phlinx game for you on Pogo.

So you sat around for weeks and weeks on end waiting for the great "battle phlinx game" to be released. You doubted your sanity, cursed at your game service provider, maybe even wrote a few nasty emails to them. Well, the day finally arrived and what do you have to show for the wait? Oh, it's just a mini phlinx game with no real excitement. Yeah, you know what time it is....it's auto time. Get your battle phlinx game up, run Montu and let your agent do the negotiations. Why ruin a nice afternoon trying to chase battle phlinx badges down when you can let Montu do your dirty work?

 If your Montu is not working correctly here are some tips:
 • Make sure the game window is fully loaded before running Montu.
 • Try running at "1024 x 768" pixels and 32 bit color.
 • Turn the screen saver off.
 • Leave the computer alone and let it play!


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